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On the GSX models, they've only been able to squeeze one four-tube resonator, while on the GS and the GTi, they have only one three-tube resonator. Boat Reviews. Back Types View All. The reserve comes on automatically because of the RFI. I am looking at buying a Seadoo GTX. From above, the hull and deck have a distinctly hourglass shape, with the widest parts of the hull just below the handlebars and again toward the back area of the hull. The return of the SPX is a pleasant surprise as many observers believed would be the last year this now-classic model would be included in the Sea-Doo lineup.

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  • Sea-Doo took a different tack this year when it introduced a new hull on its bread- and-butter GTi model, long the mid-priced three-seater model in Sea-Doo's. You cynics out there can pass the Sea-Doo lineup off as more of the. which in theory are intended to increase top speed by reducing the wetted surface. Im only getting about mph on this ski and was wondering if that is all it has ?.
    I like the rx hull but it has the di engine and that engine scares me to death, just not reliable, and not inexpensive to fix.

    I thought I had read in a post somewhere in this forum that the cc motor was junk.

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    The main engine compartment is accessed by lifting the cowling off the front part of the boat, a maneuver that can be very difficult on the water. It is also rock solid in turns, with none of the sliding you get with the GTX during tight rights and lefts. Yes No.

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    images 99 seadoo gti review
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    Filtered by:. The GTX Limited also runs on the same x None have experienced any horific problems, they've all been great.

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    With all that boring stuff said, one thing that is being found in the motocross world is that, yes, the 4-stroke is more dependable but when you wipe out a piston and crank in a 2-stroke it costs about

    The GTI were the same hull as the GTX. They changed the hull in The GTI was yellow like thebut had. None have experienced any horific problems, they've all been great.

    images 99 seadoo gti review

    I just looked at a di with low hours from an rx sea doo, it nearley cut the. I am really trying to find a 99 gti because it has the gtx hull with the in it. The Sea-Doo GTI is a three-seater personal watercraft that has been produced since The initial model shared the hull design with Sea-Doo's GTX model, but had a different engine called the Bayou Specs.
    Other features include fiberglass reinforced bumpers, bow and stern rings, temporary docking loops located on the handlebar post, deck pads, rear grab handle and seat strap, and rear boarding platform.

    SeaDoo GTi Right on Target

    Fuel and air are mixed with a single Mikuni BN carburetor. PWC Reviews. This is the model that started it all and it returns for with only a few minor changes. The hull is that good.

    max speed on a sea doo gti SeaDoo Forum

    Mirrors are also optional.

    images 99 seadoo gti review
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    Sea-Doo incorporated the sharper angles of the RX into the new top deck.

    images 99 seadoo gti review

    Unpowered Boats Kayaks Dinghies. The only difference between the RFI system that was introduced a year ago and this year's version is that the models will use a new chip that improves performance at high altitude above 6, feet and cleaned up the bottom end performance a bit.

    Yes No.

    images 99 seadoo gti review

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      The changes, however, are minor and probably wouldn't be noticed by the average consumer.