images icom 746 pro mods

A potentiometer can be installed, if desired. This will cover at least one botched attempt or lost part. The two versions are functionally and electrically interchangeable. Works well This article has been read times. Mike Nadeau - N1EQ www. The right hand row is full with 14 diodes.

  • Low cost frequency stabilisation for Icom IC
  • ICOM IC PRO Modifications
  • Modifications for the Icom IC
  • icpro mods Printed Circuit Board Electrical Connector
  • Icom IC PRO (IC PRO ICPRO) transceiver mods reviews software and diagrams

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    If the message is relate to an. ICOM IC PRO Modifications Subject: IC and PRO LCD backlight repair modification Contact author: KI4RK - Kirk Ellis Print Here is how.IC out of range TX/RX English language.IC Modification English language.Extended RX/TX for IC English .
    The first mod addresses the lower-than-normal mic preamp gain that the non-Pro model of IC This is the intended function of the Icom diode fix, but a choke is a lot less likely to get blown out as the diodes are.

    Here is one easy mod that tou don't have listed in your site: For all those who wants a little more of driving power for an old amp with the new IC,here is the way to do it easily.

    I found a simple patch that avoids soldering a heat sink to the MMIC. The main tuning knob will be to your lower right and the microphone connector to your upper right.

    images icom 746 pro mods
    Icom 746 pro mods
    Remove the bottom cover.

    Low cost frequency stabilisation for Icom IC

    Chuchanov - slch caterpillar. Details on how to remove the RF Unit PCB can be found on page 91 in the Pro Instruction Manual, in the section that describes how to install the high stability oscillator module. This are diodes which you have to remove. Carefully re-install the main board and all of the previously removed interconnects.

    Re: Expanding TX/RX Frequency Coverage for the ICPRO.

    is regarding the modification of expanding the TX/RX frequency coverage of the ICPRO. If you are the owner of either the ICOM ICPRO or the IC you may I have stolen the below comments from where Karel, OK1DNH. The Icom IC is quite a popular HF/VHF multimode transceiver Described below is a simple modification that can be performed on the.
    After returning all the covers on, I went to page 60 of the instruction manual, to select the installed filter for the 9MHz-1 position.

    I assume no responsibility for your care and workmanship!! Look to the lower middle of the circuit board for silk screening that reads??????

    Simply unplug, tuck the original plug out of the way and plug in a new plug attached to a length of miniature coax, which can neatly leave the rig through the hole on the back panel that contains an earth bolt. Time will tell how much this helps.

    images icom 746 pro mods

    Above: Once the original resistor has been removed, the new feedback resistor can be tacked-soldered to pins 21 and 22, as shown. IC Modification English language.

    ICOM IC PRO Modifications

    images icom 746 pro mods
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    I suspiciously read carefully the manual and find nothing on selecting filters depending from mode choosen Put the rig on the bench with the front panel facing towards you, and turn upside down, with the front panel still facing towards you.

    Alvin Sugue. Turn the radio so that the front panel is to your left and the antenna connectors are to your right. This will orientate the radio in the proper direction to read the parts layout identification silk screening.


    IC PRO Programming interface schematics for Icom: Programming software for Icom IC PRO (IC PRO.

    Modifications for the Icom IC

    icpro mods - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Modificacao pro.
    When chip fails, pin 5 goes to very near 0 millivolts on the RF probe. I followed the instruction on page 78 of the ICOM user manual.

    images icom 746 pro mods

    Where no frame is, there is no diode in my transceiver. Input is pin 1, lower right, and output is pin 5, upper left pin on the SMD chip. Flag for inappropriate content.

    icpro mods Printed Circuit Board Electrical Connector

    Adding modifications to these very small parts requires some skill and a good magnifier together with the appropriate tools.

    images icom 746 pro mods
    Icom 746 pro mods
    This are diodes which you have to remove.

    These are the only adverse effects i have noticed with Mr. Then, locate and remove the original 82K surface mount resistor at R Please note that one could put in a potentiometer, but if this is attempted, I would suggest that a 56K resistor be added in series, just to insure that the feedback path does not got too LOW.

    Icom IC PRO (IC PRO ICPRO) transceiver mods reviews software and diagrams

    Contact author: Bob Tomkovich Print. Search inside document.

    images icom 746 pro mods

    The filters will be in the upper left hand corner of the circuit board.

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