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Today, transparency is a sore point across the entire world, which is why I support this open letter. Should apply equally to the development of new drugs and interventions by the publicly-funded NHS in the UK. While big corporations may not like it, public sector is - as it name states - public. The fact that the European institutions do not consider alternatives to non-EU and proprietary Software for their own usage is revolting. If the software is purchased with public funds, it is good that it is free, opensource and really public. With public code we stop reinventing the wheel again. Circ Res Dadurch verliert sie ihren Gemeinnutzen. But artwork, textbooks, etc. The moral aspect is good, but not important.

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  • Motor Learning and Control* in Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology Volume 30 Issue s1 ()

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    images lea johanning bielefeld university

    Arno Nühmus @arno_nuehmus. Jörn Döring @g. Lea Johanning. clock 12 week ago. Nach fast 6 Jahren in Osnabrück verabschiede ich mich nun zurück in meine Heimat Bielefeld.

    . Osnabrück, Germany.
    Crit Rev Clin Lab Sci It is the first coagulation factor that decreases in trauma associated dilution coagulopathy [ 67 ].

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    Cardiovasc Hematol Agents Med Chem 6: It is, after all, owned by taxpayers. Journal Home. Previous studies showed an improvement of platelet function as well as overall clot firmness during hypothermia and acidosis by administration of fibrinogen [ 1011 ] and suggested a higher survival rate in an animal model [ 12 ].

    images lea johanning bielefeld university
    It makes sense morally and technically to give the public access to the code that was paid for with public money.

    FXIII is the zymogen of a transglutaminase that has many different functions of which not all are well understood yet. View Figure 2.

    Open-source code has many, many advantages, and is the foundation of so much of modern society - so much is powered by OSS! A BUY would appear for a stock.

    The free-software model can be difficult to justify financially. It can save a lot of money and can help develop better softwares.

    5Department of Anaesthesiology, St. Franziskus Hospital Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany. FXIII (FXIII+: IE FXIII (Fibrogammin, CSL Behring, Hattersheim, Germany) in .

    Lowe GD, Lee AJ, Rumley A, Price JF, Fowkes FG () Blood viscosity and Lang T, Johanning K, Metzler H, Piepenbrock S, Solomon C, et al. 1: Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants, Bielefeld University, We thank Daniela Ledebrink, Lea Johanning, and Rachel Holman for.

    All Public Signatures Public Money, Public Code

    Claudia Cottin at FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. diengang Mathematik der Fachhochschule Bielefeld, im Rahmen eines im.
    Open code would make software available across EU states, cheaper and the source of more collaboration between European citizens.

    images lea johanning bielefeld university

    All software should be open source. When the commons are funding software development, then the software developed ought to truly belong to the commons. J Lab Clin Med Samples were incubated for 30 minutes and measured after extrinsically activation and fibrin polymerization was tested. As a software developer, using and contributing to Open Source feels very natural. Citizens should own what they pay.

    images lea johanning bielefeld university
    Lea johanning bielefeld university
    In our study addition of FXIII showed no further benefit on clot formation under the given circumstances of hypothermia and acidosis - neither as single administration nor in combination with fibrinogen in comparison to the effect fibrinogen had exclusively.

    Curr Opin Hematol I still believe in the EU, the privacy and better management of public money are very important.

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    I really believe that code payed with taxpayer money must be open. Was die Allgemeinheit bezahlt, muss auch von der Allgemeinheit frei nutzbar sein, ob Wissenschaft, Grund und Boden oder eben Quell-Codes. Wherever possible, software projects supported by public funding must surely be required to be made available on an open source basis.

    25, Bielefeld, Germany. Editorial Board:. Dr. Lutz Johanning, head of the Endowed. Ho-Lee Model versus Hull-White One-Factor Model.

    images lea johanning bielefeld university

    上领英,在全球领先职业社交平台查看Klaus Johanning的职业档案。Klaus的 Düsseldorf Area, Germany. • Project LEA Workflow Bielefeld Area, Germany. 2University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China. Year. M.

    Motor Learning and Control* in Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology Volume 30 Issue s1 ()

    Johanning, Author(s), T. Lee, H. Häffner, R. Clark Institute, Institute of Applied Laser Physics and Laser Spectroscopy, University of Bielefeld, Germany.
    If it is paid from public money it is for everybody to use!

    Furthermore, by attaching alphaantiplasmin into the clot, FXIIIa also improves fibrinolysis-resistance and by engrafting fibronectin, collagen and other extracellular matrix proteins adhesion to the endothelium [ 8925 - 28 ]. The government runs off tax money. Following EXTEM parameters were recorded: coagulation time CT [s] which describes the time from the beginning of the reaction until first clot formation; clot formation time CFT [s] : time from first clot formation to a defined clot firmness 20 mm ; clot firmness after 20 minutes A20 [mm] as a marker for the clot stability.

    These are citations from works listed in RePEc that could be analyzed mechanically.

    images lea johanning bielefeld university
    Lea johanning bielefeld university
    Thanks FSFE for spreading awareness!

    I'd love to see more emphasis on how libre software is technically superior to proprietary software. An Open Source Software will be made by and belong to people.

    Am J Clin Pathol Circ Res Completely agree with issue that tax payers money should not be used for purchasing proprietary software.

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      I completely agree with the initiative and feel that it should be implemented as soon as possible. This seems simple.

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      Tax payers money should not be used as a vessel for private entities to profit from. Get Email alerts.