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Retrieved 24 February The city government is elected by the city assembly at the proposal of the mayor. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it became an important trading and manufacturing centre, as well as a centre of Serbian culture of that period, earning the nickname of the Serbian Athens. Novi Sad is a typical Central European town in terms of its architecture. In the center, there are three towers with eaves encircling their central and top parts. Novi Sad is one of the most important centers of higher education and research in Serbia, with four universities and numerous professional, technical, and private colleges and research institutesincluding a law school with its own publication.

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  • Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, the capital of the autonomous province of According to the census, Novi Sad proper has a population of , while the entire urban area of Novi Sad (with the adjacent urban " Popis stanovnistva, domacinstava i stanova u " (PDF). (in Serbian ). Population Censuses in Montenegro in and National and .

    images popis 2011 novi pazar vijesti

    Backović and Spasić assert that the citizens of Novi Pazar, mainly . An overview is given in Rastoder“Bošnjaci–Muslimani i popis These results were published in an extra edition of the newspaper Vijesti, 24 May K .

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    See also: Famous buildings in Novi Sad.

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    Main article: Education in Novi Sad. Around the center, old small houses used to dominate the cityscape, but they are being replaced by modern multi-story buildings.

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    Historically, it was also called "Neusatz" in German. New neighbourhoods, like LimanDetelinara and Novo Naseljeemerged from the fields and forests surrounding the city. Between andthe region was under Ottoman rule. According to the census, [2] the city's population iswhile in urban area including adjacent settlements of Petrovaradin and Sremska Kamenica there areinhabitants.

    Osnovni geografski i istorijski podaci Opština Tutin

    images popis 2011 novi pazar vijesti
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    The largest number of sportsmen from Novi Sad participated in the Atlanta Olympic Games — 11, and they won 6 medals, while in Moscow — 3, and in Montreal and Melbourne — 2.

    Museum of Novi Sad in Petrovaradin Fortress has a permanent collection of history of fortress. Petrovaradin fortressthe main landmark. In the 19th century, the city was the capital of Serbian cultureearning the nickname Serbian Athens.

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    According to the census, the city had 33, residents, of whom 13,

    See Popisi/Popis stanovništva /Tabela cg1. Stanovništvo With the Balkan war ofone part of the Novi Pazar Sandžak was included in Montenegro. Nizozemskoj, Norveškoj, Njemačkoj, SAD, Sloveniji, Srbiji, Švedskoj i Švicarskoj.

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    . 11 Agencija za statistiku Australije, Popis stanovništva godine – imigranti . U novi Zakon uvedene su mjere u vezi sa uslovima za sticanje mogu se poslušati najnovije vijesti iz BiH i bosanske dijaspore svake.

    (Agencija za statistiku BiH25), and the average net wage was. KM in.

    images popis 2011 novi pazar vijesti

    Both naming guides are published by El-Kelimeh in Novi Pazar, both start with advice for . Popis (21 May ). Agencija za Armin. Dnevni avaz [online news site],
    KK Novi Sad. FK Proleter. These two states separated in June following the May Montenegrin independence referendumleaving Novi Sad part of the Republic of Serbia.

    Novi Sad currently does not have its own civil airport. All three structures have rooftops with crenallations, as well as opened windows and closed gates. The city experiences four distinct seasons.

    images popis 2011 novi pazar vijesti

    Novi Sad.

    images popis 2011 novi pazar vijesti
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    The economy of Novi Sad has mostly recovered from that period and grown strongly sinceshifting from an industry-driven economy to the tertiary sector. Inthe Kingdom of Yugoslavia was invaded and partitioned by the Axis powersand its northern parts, including Novi Sad, were annexed by Hungary.

    Inthe Hungarian garrison, located at the Petrovaradin Fortress, bombarded and devastated the city, which lost much of its population. There are 36 elementary schools 33 regular and 3 special with 26, students. Spring is usually short and rainy, while summer arrives abruptly. During this time, the Magyarization policy of the Hungarian government drastically altered the demographic structure of the city as the formerly predominantly Serbian population became one with a more mixed character.

    With 13 championship titles, OK Vojvodina is the top volleyball team in the country.

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      From the 13th to 16th centuries, the following settlements existed in the territory of modern urban area of Novi Sad: [8] [9].