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  • Turkish Kangal dogs protect American cattle across the Atlantic Turkey News

  • The Kangal Shepherd Dog is a breed of large livestock guardian dog in Sivas. Historically the Anatolian Shepherd was treated as a separate breed by many canine registries, but this is now generally treated as part of the same breed population and the Turkish Kennel Club has renamed all Anatolian Shepherds as Kangal.

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    The Kangal Shepherd Dog is not as heavy as some other Mastiff breeds, allowing it greater speed and agility than larger dogs.

    On hot days, the dog will dig itself a hollow in the ground to keep cool. The dogs will work in pairs or teams depending on the size of the flock, taking up positions around the sheep and changing their positions as needed.

    Turkish Kangal dogs protect American cattle across the Atlantic Turkey News

    Once the sheep are safely behind it, the Kangal Shepherd Dog confronts the intruder. How to avoid dog attacks with Body language and energy 5 - Duration:

    Rezhwan kurdish kangal dog
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    Aggressive German Shepherd attacks trainer during aggressive behavior training - Duration: Alabai Vs Kangal Highlights - Duration: They may be aloof towards strangers, but a well-socialized Kangal Dog is friendly with visitors and especially children.

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    Kennel Club. A working Kangal Shepherd Dog on duty will station itself on a high vantage point overlooking its flock.

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    images rezhwan kurdish kangal dog

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    They make good guardians of livestock and humans alike, but they may not be suitable for inexperienced dog owners, as the independent intelligence of the Kangal makes for a difficult pupil. Retrieved 7 May Please review the new Terms. Howl Of A Dog 2, views. Kennel Club.

    Some heavily sabled Kangals also have darker legs and chests. Illyrian Shepherd 50, views. It also stated that dogs currently registered as Anatolian Shepherd Dogs may be eligible where appropriate to be recorded as Turkish Kangal Dogs instead.

    The Kangal Shepherd Dog's first instinct is to place itself between the perceived threat and the sheep or master. The coat must be short and dense, not long or feathery, and of a pale fawn or tan color with varying amounts of sable guard hairs.

    When faced with a wolf, the Kangal sometimes is successful in intimidating the enemy, but it will resort to a physical confrontation if the predator stands its ground.

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