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Processing of the results was carried out by Trapezium-X software. Poro-viscoelastic properties of anisotropic cylindrical composite materials. The shaded region corresponds to the interval of possible variation of the hydroxyapatite content in dentin. Journal of dental research. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St.

  • Correlation between elastic and electric properties for cyclically loaded metals SpringerLink
  • Fractionexponential representation of the viscoelastic properties of dentin
  • International scholars trek to NMSU to work with engineering professor

  • Igor Sevostianov of New Mexico State University, New Mexico (NMSU) | Read numerical values of instantaneous and long-time Young's moduli and other. Igor Sevostianov, mechanical engineering professor in NMSU's on micromechanics for graduate students and young researchers in Europe.

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    Correlation between elastic and electric properties for cyclically loaded metals SpringerLink

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    Fractionexponential representation of the viscoelastic properties of dentin

    Views Read Edit View history. Compressive viscoelastic properties of human dentin: I. Family Grandparents Igor.

    images sevostianov igor young

    images sevostianov igor young
    To the best of our knowledge the micromechanical model for viscoelastic properties of dentin has never been proposed in literature. Petersburg,Russia.

    images sevostianov igor young

    Determination of some compressive properties of human enamel and dentin. The experimental data and the resulting analytical models are shown in Figure 4. Scott Blair and Coppen Scott Blair and Coppen and Rabotnov proposed to use fraction-exponential function.

    Referring to Sevostianov and Kachanov () for the general case of .

    (b) changes in the effective Young's modulus (as normalized to its.

    images sevostianov igor young

    Laura Salguero, Fatemeh Saadat, Igor Sevostianov n. Department of . the mineralized tissue is of the order of several GPa, while Young's moduli of blood. Mark Kachanov, Igor Sevostianov Int J Eng Sci – Chen FC, Young K () Inclusions of arbitrary shape in an elastic medium.

    J Math Phys.
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    International scholars trek to NMSU to work with engineering professor

    It can be done only in some simplistic cases represented as combinations of dashpots and springs. Elastic properties of apatites.

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    images sevostianov igor young
    Sevostianov igor young
    Specific tasks that will be accomplished are the instrumentation of an existing solar-powered aircraft and the implementation of a point-mass model based simulation environment for the development and testing of autonomous soaring and path planning algorithms.

    The experiments showed that contribution of collagen fibers into elastic stiffness of dentin is negligible, although collagen is a significant contributor to dentin strength and toughness. Namespaces Article Talk.

    A potential solution to alleviation of traffic congestion in low-altitude aerospace is to designate aerospace corridors shared among UASs. Igor Cory English as Igor. Please note that during the production process errors may be discovered which could affect the content, and all legal disclaimers that apply to the journal pertain.

    Recently, Singh et al and Singh Master thesis, developed a linear viscoelastic model for collagen—adhesive composite and dentin adhesives and demonstrated the applicability of the model by predicting stress relaxation behavior, frequency-dependent storage and loss moduli, and rate-dependent elastic modulus.

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      Chuang et al proposed a quantitative approach to characterize the viscoelastic properties of dentin after demineralization, and to examine the elastic properties using a nanoindentation creep test. In the project, a simplified prototype mechanism will be designed, built, and tested.

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      An investigation of the physical characters of the human teeth in relation to their disease, and to practical dental operations, together with the physical characters of filling materials. Publisher's Disclaimer: This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication.