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Nitya Desul. Yes, they would. Again, what would the modern gaming mouse be without the ability to record macros, and again the Ikari rises to the challenge by allowing you to not only create a macro for each button the mouse but also to save those macros on the mouse itself. The overall build quality is seemingly very high, I'd want to use it for a year or more before I give a final judgement on that but that's obviously not possible in a review. SteelSeries FreeMove gives the user the option to remove interpolation of the mouse.

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  • Customize illumination settings on your Arctis 5, or set up advanced macros and binds for your Apex M or Apex M TKL keyboard.

    SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse – Techgage

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    The SteelSeries Ikari Laser White mouse features programmable macros for RTS and MMO gamers and a high precision sensor suitable for. Download SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Driver The Ikari Laser has a programmable macro setup and a feature option for RTS and.
    To set your desired value, simply move the slider left or right.

    images steelseries ikari macro

    Note that the 5 main buttons can all be programmed as the user pleases — only the CPI switching button cannot be programmed. Found a bad link? SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice, software, and gaming surfaces.

    So, it looks like the only useful way to program a single key to a given mouse button is via game setup menus, which is unfortunate considering how basic this functionality is.

    images steelseries ikari macro
    Steelseries ikari macro
    The Ikari Laser has two very well placed thumb buttons, though obviously whether you feel they are well placed will depend heavily on the size of your hands.

    SteelSeries IKARI Laser USB Laser Mouse White

    The mini LCD will also show the actual CPI setting if you hold down the CPI toggle button for a few seconds, whilst this mode active moving the mouse wheel will change the CPI setting too and pressing the toggle button again will save it to the mouse.

    The button settings tab is where button functions are assigned.

    images steelseries ikari macro

    Ergonomically the Ikari is also a triumph, it is definitely a little more flat than the other mice I've been using in the last couple of years but that ends up having a more natural feel to it. Page List Top 1. Nitya Desul.

    So today, we're going to be examining the SteelSeries Ikari laser mouse Programmable macro buttons with driverless plug-and-play feature.

    After taking a look at their Ikari laser mouse, we can wholeheartedly assigning other mouse buttons or a macro – I still haven't been able to.

    images steelseries ikari macro

    The SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse features programmable macros for RTS and MMO gamers and a high precision sensor suitable for FPS.
    See our made to fit SteelSeries Glide Ikari.

    A small LED on the front left on the rodent shows which of the two CPI settings is currently in use and an LCD underneath the mouse which shows the name of the current profile, I name my profiles using the two CPI settings with a hyphen in the middle, for example.

    SteelSeries Ikari Laser Review, gameSlave

    I've never been big on macros myself but having a single button do something switch to a demo pack, throw it and then switch to the detonator in a Battlefield game could be really useful and a huge time saver.

    Delays can be anywhere from 0ms to seconds. Another example could be a simple double shot sequence where timing is needed between the shots in order to maintain the correct aim because of recoil etc.

    images steelseries ikari macro
    Steelseries ikari macro
    I can't easily give this mouse a single review score; if you only ever use the one PC then take half a mark off, if you do need portability then you should add on an extra half mark.

    Simply set the sensitivity to the 5th tick on the scale dead center and turn off enhanced precision.

    SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Driver Driver TechSpot

    Henri Ghattas. SteelSeries have hit the right mark with their first gaming mice; the Ikari Laser is absolutely the equal of any other mouse I've yet to test. Read Free For 30 Days.

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      It's also priced at roughly the same level as most of its recognised competition from Logitech, Microsoft or Razer most of which are also very good.

    2. Kebei


      SteelSeries feels their competition is doing things wrong, but does that mean they are doing things right? Recently we've been testing the Ikari Laser mouse; this is the slightly more expensive of the two rodents in the Ikari series, a slightly less frills optical version which uses the slightly older but more tried and tested LED sensors.