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Whiskey Vaultviews. Peaty taste with underlying sweetness. Select Country United Kingdom. Watch Queue Queue. It's who you know. The best way to learn about whiskey and share that love is to drink whiskey and talk about it with friends.

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  • The Ileach Peaty (pronounced Eee-luhk) is a young and peaty single malt whisky from a secret Islay distillery, independently bottled by the Vintage Malt Whisky.

    images the ileach peaty

    A young and peaty single malt whisky from an unnamed Islay distillery, this has garnered praise for its straight-to-the-point smoky flavour. The Ileach Peaty is an independent bottling from The Vintage Malt Whisky Company of an undisclosed single malt distillery from Islay. Ileach (pronounced.
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    Ok the nose is standard peat but the finish evaporates as soon as you've swallowed just leaving you with something quite acrid, which is the combination of new make spirit and E Whiskey Vault. The anonymous post is from a begging who cannot yet appreciate the peat at all like I was but seriously.

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    images the ileach peaty
    The ileach peaty
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    Ileach Peaty Scotch Whisky The Whisky Exchange

    It is very underpowered, completely unbalanced and has more than a taint of the dreaded sulphur from a poor sherry cask. Like this video? Of course! Shop by Flavour. Certainly one of my favourites and I highly recommend.

    Add The Ileach Peaty to your wishlist and browse our Scotch selection with Member reviews. The Ileach year-old H&I. Bottler: The Highlands & Islands.

    The Ileach Peaty Expert Reviews

    Stated Age: 12 years old. % Vol. WB Rating: The Ileach Peated Islay Malt H&I.

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    Brand: The Ileach Peaty. Bottler: The Highlands & Islands Scotch WhiskyGlasgow (The Vintage Malt Whisky Co.) Type: Single Malt.
    It is completely smooth along the toucge and full flavoured and you only get the peat hit as it goes down.

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    The Ileach Whiskybase Ratings and reviews for whisky

    Really quite awful stuff.

    images the ileach peaty
    The next video is starting stop.

    We also have to remember that everybodies pallet is different so one mans pleasure is anothers poison.

    images the ileach peaty

    I'll argue that for it's price it's one of the better whiskies out there. This is a simply wonderful big Islay dram. Very smokey and peaty. Whisky Gifts. This video is unavailable.

    images the ileach peaty

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