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Now, the order of events during the night was as follows: Evening Report of Division z. Nevertheless that did not matter too much, since it was meant for stationary use on the Tobruk siege front, where it would be responsible for the break-in planned for late November, with all the support and it was plenty of the heavy artillery of Arko at its disposal. It was supposed to follow the left forward company as soon as this reached the valley bottom. I am sure it is something eminently simple that I have just overlooked! It is also worth noting that the New Zealand Official History at this link is rather more charitable to Brigadier Watkins than Inglis is: How the I tanks might be used to support the night attack was discussed with Brigadier Watkins, who was willing to commit them behind the infantry but did not want them exposed to enemy fire at first light; by that time he wanted them tucked away out of sight but ready to counter-attack if required. Anyway while my orders conference was still on both General Freyberg and Watkins turned up.

  • 90th Light – The Crusader Project
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  • New Zealand Division – The Crusader Project
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  • 90th Light – The Crusader Project

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    Brens and rifles opened up, followed by the Royal Horse Artillerywith an effect so rewarding that even the 18 Battalion boys were astonished.

    In the morning when it was renewed it was found that the Germans had abandoned the position.

    New Zealand Division – The Crusader Project

    This will have the effect of putting tanks on both flanks of them. Report on the combat on 21 November in Position 19 and the use of the remaining elements of Company 11 until December 8 T he men and machines who did the job from the New Zealand Official History.

    images totensonntag 2014 1040
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    Defense of currently held position, strongpoints 1, 2, 20, 5 and 6.

    This was the battalion HQ. The enemy was close and was in a nasty aggressive mood at first, as 18 Battalion soon found out. By the time 19 Bn made its night attack to El Duda I had about 17 tanks of this outfit left runners. From the narrative, it appears that the platoons from strongpoint 5 and 6 marched pretty much straight south until they hit the Trigh Capuzzo, and then turned west to move to El Adem.

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    and the June 13,
    Kolbeck has reached the Ital. Vehicles break down, units retreat or advance in the wrong direction against orders, units leave the battlefield during fighting, units get lost.

    The tank destruction claims made in the German report below are believable.

    images totensonntag 2014 1040

    The Italian artillery battalion referred to in the daily report was probably at this position, since 2 nd Black Watch reported taking 12 field guns one battalion here. Kolbeck has not advanced further.

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    The companies in the th Regiment are very well equipped for firepower, especially by the standards of the typical German infantry company at the time.

    images totensonntag 2014 1040
    Difference between yurt and teepee
    Then as a result of enemy movement on the north and west sides of Belhamed a warning was given that an attack on Ed Duda was expected.

    A report to the straggler collection point was not made.

    images totensonntag 2014 1040

    Vehicles break down, units retreat or advance in the wrong direction against orders, units leave the battlefield during fighting, units get lost.

    He states that the men made off, leaving behind their AT guns and weapons. His report on the events leading to the loss of the position give an interesting insight into what it looked like to be attacked by superior enemy forces, including the total chaos this meant in terms of understanding the flow of the battle as a whole, and what is going on around one.

    images totensonntag 2014 1040

    Looking at the records, the decision to pursue this attack with this force is difficult to comprehend, and it is one more example of the command failures of Panzergruppe during the battle.

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