images transformers armada side swipe definition

In the game, you travel through various large environments on Earth such as the Amazon Jungle and Antarctica while fighting off Megatron's "Decepticlone" army and finding Mini-Cons that give the player's character different abilities in order to get further into the game. Add to watchlist Unwatch. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The Decepticons head for Cybertron in their craft, and the Autobots, now with Hot Shot in command, hastily construct a craft named the Axalon to pursue them. Unfortunately, the party found the mentally ill Grimlock locked in vicious combat with Sludgewho had been planted there by the Decepticons. Subsequently, the Decepticons return to Cybertron and quickly overthrow most of the planet through the powers of the Mini-Con weapons.

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  • Side Swipe is a green Autobot. He's willing and eager, and also kinda dumb. He doesn't think before he leaps, gets really emotionally attached. For a list of other meanings, see Sideswipe (disambiguation). Side Swipe Continuity: Unicron Trilogy Franchise: Armada Alternate Name: Sideswipe Japanese.

    Transformers: Armada, known in Japan as Super Robot Life-Form Both sides soon gain new members in Sideswipe, an eager new Autobot, and Wheeljack.
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    It was originally scheduled forhowever was delayed until mid No additional import charges at delivery! The human allies were killed, but Sideswipe and other Autobots were lost in the ocean. Firing every weapon they have, the Autobots are able to force Devastator to break apart into the individual Constructicons.

    images transformers armada side swipe definition
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    Cybertron Matrix of Leadership Spark.

    Characters Transformers Earth Wars

    Though the conflagration threatens to consume them all, Hot Shot abandons the fight to save Sideswipe, successfully getting him out just in time. With Sideways eliminated and the threat of Unicron apparently gone, Galvatron challenges Optimus to a final battle, only for the energy released by their conflict to reactivate Unicron.

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    Jackson Cyber Missions. After the war broke out he joined the Autobots.

    images transformers armada side swipe definition

    November 14,

    Transforming into a blue Nissan Skyline, Sideswipe's alternate mode is as realistic as an Armada toy can get to.

    Right now, Side Swipe needs all the help he can getI know he means well, but trying too hard can lead to more problems than it solves. I hope that they'll one.

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    Sideswipe is one of the playable Autobots in the video game Transformers: War for Cybertron.

    Starscream forms a friendship with the kids, particularly Alexis, and allowing the Autobots access to the Decepticons' base. Payment details. Rad, Carlos, and Alexis are alerted to the existence of the Requiem Blaster, the third Mini-Con weapon by Sideways, and locate Skyblast, one of its components.

    images transformers armada side swipe definition

    In the final battle between the forces of Optimus Primal and Unicron, the Chaos-Bringer had disappeared due to the events of Transformers: Energonwith Primal's forces barely making it out.

    After a series of battles, each of the Transformers successfully acquires a partner Mini-Con. All were subsequently freed by the resurrected Optimus Primaland Sideswipe went on to serve him as part of the new Autobot faction.

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    images transformers armada side swipe definition
    Special financing available. However, the ship was sabotaged and exploded shortly after take-off. Totally Tubular '80s.

    Daiki Hashimoto. However, his robot mode is considered by many to be very poorly designed and is the subject of much ridicule. Retrieved April 14,

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      Sideswipe first appeared in Transformers: Alliance 4 as one of the Autobots who responded to Optimus Prime's call to Earth.

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      As a release of an unused Generation 2 Go-Bots mold, the name Side Swipe is reused for the first time on an unrelated toy to the original.

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      This toy did not receive any characterization and did not appear in the show or any other fiction.

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      Hot Shot assaults the Decepticon base solo, resulting in the revelation of Thrust's treachery.